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Resources - Links

This page contains links to resources available to woodturners, including articles by CVW members, club mentors, and links to other woodturning sites that might be of interest to you.

Club Mentors - A list of CVW members who have volunteered to serve as mentors. Give them a call if you need help with a woodturning problem.

Lathe Safety Guidelines pdf - or - html

AAW Saftey Guidebook PDF

Visitor Handout pdf

E-book (pdf) - The Best Tips from 25 Years of Fine Woodworking

Guide To Gouges in pdf

101 Handy Sites for Conscientious Wood Use

Article on safety by professional turner,Lynne Yamaguchi in the June issue of American Woodturner

Mentoring Room Info:

Words to turn by pdf - or - doc

Bandsaw Safety Guidelines pdf - or - doc

Lathe Safety Guidelines pdf - or - html

Sharpening Demystified - pdf

Food Safe Finishes - pdf

Demo Tips - pdf

Some Thoughts on Professional Development and Presentation

Beginners Sites

Beginner's Guide to Woodturning

Beginner's - Organic Lesson - Wood Lathe & DIY Woodturning Projects

Beginner's Guide to Woodworking

Brian Clifford's Introduction to Woodturning

Alan's Guide to Wood Turning

Woodturning Resources

Alan's Guide to Wood Carving

VA Symposium Website

Some pictures from the AAW Symposium Instant Gallery can be seen at the Choice Woods website
and here is their Picasa site with a fine long slide show

and some more fine shots at

DIY Stuff:

Tools Explained

Interesting Homemade Lathe in pdf

Another Homemade Lathe in pdf

Freds Homemade Lathe in pdf

Lanny Cambell - Heat Treating Tools

Interested in making some of your own wood turning tools?
- http://www.hiltonhandcraft.com/woodturningarticles.asp
- http://aroundthewoods.com./tools.shtml

Inspiration Sites & Club Member Sites:

Sell your goods on Etsy - http://www.etsy.com/

American Association of Woodturners - http://woodturner.org/

AAW Pittsburgh Symposium 2015 Pictures

Virgil - Tree Trunk Art - http://www.virgiltreeart.com/Welcome/tabid/377/Default.aspx

Interested in ebonizing wood? - http://www.sydneywoodturners.com.au/site/articles/techniques/blackening.html

Jeff Fleisher on Chip Carving

Interesting Woodturning Video website - http://thewoodshop.tv/

David Ellsworth

Rose Engine Lathe info - http://ornamentalroseengine.com/rose/gallery/base2.php

Fred Williamson Bowls - http://www.fredwilliamson.com/

Kirk McCauley - http://kirkmccauley.com

Stuart Mercer - http://www.elkrungems.com/

Barbara Dill - http://www.barbaradill.com/

Richard Raffan - http://www.richardraffan.com/

Ellsworth Studios - http://www.ellsworthstudios.com/

Nick Cook Woodturner - http://www.nickcookwoodturner.com/

MiKe Sorge - www.mikesorge.com

Article from Yale about "Wood as Art" (pdf) or http://www.yalealumnimagazine.com/articles/3683

Tim Kipps - http://www.jhuepencompany.net/

Fred Jaicks - Woodworking FAQ's - http://mjjsales.com/woodworking-faq-2.html

Roger Chandler - http://www.artisticwoodtreasures.com/

Other Club Websites:

Woodturners of the Virginias Arizona Woodturners
South Auckland Woodturners Guild Capital Area Woodturners
Tidewater Turners of Virginia Chicago Woodturners
Cumberland Woodturners Eliptical Turners Association
  Tennessee Association of Woodturners
Peninsula Woodturners Guild San Diego Woodturners
Tidewater Woodworkers Guild Woodturners of North Texas
Apple Valley Woodturners

Tri State Woodturners

Handouts from various clubs demonstrators

Mike Sorge's "Finding your own market"

Phil Evans's "Marketing Tips"

Dennis Hippen's "Producing Spalted Woods"

Tom Evans "Voids, What to do"

Alex Pettigrew - Texturing Tools for Wood Turning

How to cut Bowl Blanks from a log in pdf

Ervin Stutzman - Steps To Follow In Making A Platter in pdf

Tom Boley - Natural Edge Bowls

Bowl Talk

Ray Kallman - Fishing Lures

Fred Williamson - Methods of Work

Barbara Dill - Multi-Axis part 1

Barbara Dill - Multi-Axis part 2

Nick Cook - Mystery Salt Urn

Nick Cook - Pepper Mills

Jim Vogel - Quick Boxes

Dick Hines - Hollowing Through the Bottom

Richard Landreth - "Coloring and Texturing" of woods - Handouts: Edging & Inlay - Grain Filling - Wood Coloring

Vacuum chuck system demonstrated at the meeting on 3/25/14 - pdf

Rose Engine Lathe Info

Scraper Magic Info

A collection of turning tips and projects from a variety of sources

Projects & Tips from the South Auckland Woodturners Guild in pdf

Projects & Tips from the Tidewater Turners of Virginia in pdf

Other Tips and How-to Sites

List of Venders/Suppliers websites:

Sanding & Supply Sources

Woodburning Supply Sources

Full list of vendors with the discounts they provide to club members. - List of Vendors

Craft Supplies USA - http://www.woodturnerscatalog.com/

Grizzly Industrial - http://www.grizzly.com/

Hartville Tool - PDF on how to get discounts - http://www.hartvilletool.com/

Kingspor's Woodworking Shop - http://www.woodworkingshop.com/

Oneway Manufacturing - http://www.oneway.ca/

Packard Woodworks - http://www.packardwoodworks.com/

Penn State Industries - http://www.pennstateind.com/

WoodCraft - http://www.woodcraft.com/

Advantage Lumber - https://www.advantagelumber.com/turning/

Segmented Project Planner - You're best choice for designing segmented projects. - From novice to expert and idea to assembly, Segmented Project Planner supports your lathe project with Sketch-A-Bowl, AutoBowl, Segment Painting (color, mosaic, image), open segments, zigzags, diamonds, and much more.

Any venders/suppliers you think need to be here, send the Webmaster a note

Fred Williamson noticed the PSA sandpaper at Kirk's source Online Industrial Supply is on sale at $20 per 5" 100 count roll = $0.20/sheet. 
If anyone is interested it is http://www.onlineindustrialsupply.com/psa-gold-paper-discs-5-inch.html

This stuff is about as good as the 3M gold I've been using that I've bought from TCP Global. By comparison the 3M Stikit Gold 220grit is $62 per 175 count roll, which comes out to $0.36 per sheet.

*Dennis Hippen organized a CVW field trip to the Alberene Quarry in Nelson County.

Click here for some shots from the outing, along with a description by Jim Oates.