Central Virginia Woodturners

a registered chapter of the American Association of Woodturners

South Auckland Woodturners Guild - PDF Files

The following attachments will provide you with some helpful plans to make Jigs to assist with your woodturning. The following links take you to PDF formatted documents that will enable you to print off quality prints as well. They are larger files and may take a few moments to load.

Some of the information contained on these pages is extracted from the Guilds Book on Woodturning titled “The Beginners guide to Woodturning” and copies are available for NZ $20.00

Tips & Jigs


Baby Rattle
Ball and Cup Toy
Bobbin Vase
Body Massager
Bottle Stopper (inlaid)
Bottle Stopper, Offset
Bottle Stopper Version 1
Bottle Stopper Version 2
Bowl Foot, Square
Bowl on the Bias
Bowl with Laminate Rim
Bowl without a Chuck
Bowl, Eccentric
Bowl, Natural Edge
Bowl, Off Centre
Bowl, Pot-Pourri
Bowl, Segmented
Bowl, Resin Rim
Bowl, Simple
Bowl, Basic for colouring
Bowl, Square
Bowl, Thin Wall
Bowl, Wavy One Wing
Bowl, Decorating
Box with Embroidery
Box, Butterfly #1
Box, Butterfly #2
Box, Clamshell
Box, Conical
Box, Cross Grain
Box, Deer Antler
Box, Lidded
Box, Mushroom
Box, Saturn
Box, Simple
Bud Vase
Bud Vase, Hollowed

Candle Holder, Offset
Chip ‘n Dip
Christmas Tree Angel
Christmas Tree Santa
Christmas Tree Snowman

Dolls Chair

Egg Cup and Egg

Foot Roller

Gavel and Anvil


Handle, Oval


Hollow from the Bottom

Honey Dipper

Inside Out Turning

Jewellery Pendant

Lazy Susan
Letter Opener

Mallet, Square Head
Massager, Body
Massager, Six Foot
Massager, Three Foot
Meat Tenderiser
Money Box
Mortar and Pestle
Multi-Centre Spindle Designs

Off-centre Turning – Bean

Pate Dish
Pen Plain
Pen, Two Part Twist
Pewter Rim and Foot
Pin Cushion
Plate Stand
Platter Stand

Salt Pig
Salt Shaker, Threaded
Serviette Ring
Spinning Top
Stool, Three Legged

Towel Rail
Toy, Ball and Cup
Toy, Car
Toy, Dog
Toy, Dolls Chair
Toy, French Knitting
Toy, Helicopter
Toy, Jack’s Car
Toy, Spinning Top
Toy, Tumble Doll
Travel Mate

Vase, Pewter Bobbin

Weed Pot with Laminated Insert
Wig Stand
Wooden Rings