Central Virginia Woodturners

a registered chapter of the American Association of Woodturners

David Ellsworth - TUESDAY, MAY 25, 2010 - Mount Jackson, Virginia

Those who were able to attend were treated to a most excellent demonstration of the whole range of woodturning from the open bowl to the natural edge to hollowing out a globe to sharpening tools. David's skill is most evident with the tool in his hand, but he is also a consummate in his presentation skills, explaining the physics as well as the aesthetics behind the various tools and the various cuts you can achieve with each. Both CVW and WoVA will have videos of David's demo available at their lending libraries.

For professional coverage you can't beat buying one or more of his DVDs, all available at this location on his website, and his book Ellsworth on Woodturning is a total delight, covering in much greater detail all he touched on in his presentation. David's resume and statement is attached here,
and he gave us a resources list which is attached here.

Photos taken by Jeff Fleisher during the demo are on the WoVa page http://picasaweb.google.com/WoodturnersofVAs/DavidEllsworth#

Some first cuts in the morning

Rounding the blank for a globe

and hollowing out that globe with his homemade tool.

A selection of finished "pots."

Learn more about David Ellsworth at his web site www.ellsworthstudios.com.