Central Virginia Woodturners

a registered chapter of the American Association of Woodturners

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We would enjoy hearing from you. Below is a list of our officers
you may call for specific information.

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President: Bob Welch - president@centralvawoodturners.org

Vice President - Program coordinator: Mike Sorge - vice_president@centralvawoodturners.org

Vice President - Member services: Phil Evans - vice_president2@centralvawoodturners.org

Treasurer: Jerry Jorgensen - treasurer@centralvawoodturners.org

Secretary: Jay Lindhjem - secretary@centralvawoodturners.org

Newsletter: Bill Hemminger - newsletter_editor@centralvawoodturners.org

Video Master: John O’Neal - video_master@centralvawoodturners.org

Store Manager - Kirk McCauley - store_manager@centralvawoodturners.org

Librarian - Judy Stock - librarian@centralvawoodturners.org

Food Czar - Mark "Buck" Culver - food_czar@centralvawoodturners.org

Woodturning Skills Center Coordinator - Jim Oates - oatesjim@comcast.net

CVW- VA Symposium Board Member (VP) -Bob Welch - president@centralvawoodturners.org

Ruritans CCC Liaison - Dan Stogdale -

Webmaster: Tim Quillen - webmaster@centralvawoodturners.org