Central Virginia Woodturners

a registered chapter of the American Association of Woodturners

Calendar of Club Events

2017 Schedule

2nd Saturday Morning of each month from 9AM -Noon, the Denny Martin Woodturning Skills Center room will be open for you to work on your woodturning skills.

January 14 - 9AM -Noon - Woodturning Skills Center

January 17 — Kirk McCauley and Fred - Platters

February 11 — 9AM -Noon - Woodturning Skills Center

February 21 — Barbara Dill - Functional multi-axis pieces

March 11— 9AM -Noon - Woodturning Skills Center

March 21— Kirk McCauley & Mike Sorge -  Lichtenberg Fractal Woodburning

April 8 —9AM -Noon - Woodturning Skills Center

April 18 —Jim Sprinkle - Segmented turning

May 13 — 9AM -Noon - Woodturning Skills Center

May 16 — Ray Deyo - Finials

June 10 — 9AM -Noon - Woodturning Skills Center

June 24 Sat.— Fred Williamson - Preparing and mounting burls and odd shapes, turning a large bowl, turning closed forms.

July 8 —9AM -Noon - Woodturning Skills Center

July 18 —Panel Discussion - Identfying woods. How to choose and care for tools. Best lathe to buy. Re-chucking to finish.

August 12 —9AM -Noon - Woodturning Skills Center

August 15 —Alex Pettigrew - peppermills

September 9 - 9AM -Noon - Woodturning Skills Center

September 19 — Kirk, Fred & Roger - Coring Systems

October 14 — 9AM -Noon - Woodturning Skills Center

October 17 — Elbert Dale - Best Skew Demo Ever - All the uses of the skew, including the fine points of keeping it sharp

November 11 — 9AM -Noon - Woodturning Skills Center

November 21 — multi station on Christmas - Christmas: ornaments, snowmen, trees.

  1. Elbert Dale: the skew, giving people some hands-on experience time
  2. Starke Smith: the Christmas tree shape
  3. Don Voas: bell shapes, snowmen, and making tiny metal hooks to hang them with
  4. Jim Adamek: tricks and methods and tools that work to make such fine crisp finials
  5. Jim Oates: Carving and a sharpening station

December 9 - 9AM -Noon - Woodturning Skills Center

December 12 - "Note: date is second Tuesday and not third Tuesday." — Holiday party and big show and tell.

In case of inclement weather check the website for announcements of possible cancellation.